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Parsons New School

Parsons New School 


6 Months

Facet is a complete store experience looking to enhance the in-store retail experience between the shoppers and the content/retail providers. We found that there are a distrust retailer and their customers about the products they are selling. This would mean customers would become hesitant buying high-end products in store, looking to gather additional research and opinions before buying. Our retail experience provides context and a relatable story around a retail experience where we can build excitement, foster engagement and create trust through education and entertainment.

UX Research

Within our target demographic, we divided our audience into three groups. Store-owners and brand directors who own the retail store. They can be seen as an adventurous businessman he is always trying to expand his brand to new audiences “through new, unconventional channels.” Retailers that are selling high-end watches and products of which they may only have a basic level of experience and understanding with relying on digital references when talking to customers. Lastly, the Shoppers who are looking to purchase a new watch, commonly for family members or gifts to be passed down over time. To do this we first look at how the current sales of watches occur from the sellers perspective by shadowing customers and interviewing local retailers.

UX Solutions


Service, responsiveness, and expertise are important aspects of sales. We will give associates the tools needed give an luxury experience.


By building multiple interactive experiences both inside and outside the store users will have multiple opportunities for product engagement outside the physical watch.


In the high end watch industry there are unique features we plan to highlight including materials, engineering, craftsmanship, and brand prestige.


Through creating supportive visual material we will enhance a unique brand experience that encourages new and returning visitors.

System Userflow

When looking at the full retail experience we divided the journey into three stages. The first is the out-of-store showcase. How do we invite passersby into the store? What level of interaction from the outside turns window shoppers into shopping experiences? Second is the in-store experience, learning about a product, engaging with the brand history and details. Lastly is the return experience building take-aways, sharing with others and encouraging shoppers to become our promoters.

Facet_Final Deck-21

Customer Userflow when Visiting the Facet Store

Visual Design

Using light colors, and regal personality our visual language brings the focus to our high-end watch products and the timeless history over the past 100 years working with partners across the globe. Our focus is on the many details and achievements within our product line where information is broken up into smaller understandable bites fitting our mantra of Facet.

Familar Visual Character Design Study, Emotional States, and Character Emotes

Wall Facet
Live Showing and Presentation

At Imagine RIT we presented our concept retail experience with great appeal. Within the first day, we had over 1,000 unique visitors. By the last day, we had approx. 2,500 unique visitors of both visitors and industry professionals from Adobe, Palantir, among others.