Sorry that it has been a while it has been a mix of a thesis, symposium, documentation, developments, pretty much a whirlwind of adventures but I wanted to let you know that my Thesis (for now) and my time as a graduate student in the MFA Design + Technology program is finally over.

Roots for those that I have either talked to personally or are following along this blog (I will republish some of my previous in working thought) was and is an amazing project of which I am very proud of and plan to continue its development of the coming moths. Roots tell the culmination of my academic journey highlighting my curiosities, stories, capabilities and even frustrations that I can have yet are not afraid to admit. It made me ask many difficult questions that I have with technology, our culture, and the influences one has on the other of which I doubt they will stop but I believe it has given me insight into my own personal beliefs which I did not iron out fully until reflecting on it now. While the nature of the Roots thesis project has concluded (you can read the final paper here). The Roots application, story, and memory system is just starting and with quickly grow to new heights.

Roots Deliverables and Thesis Show

Roots were highlighted and the MFADT Spectrum Symposium and demonstrated during the exhibition life. Several endpoints were created to discuss Roots included a live presentation, paper, press kit, and the beta version of the Roots application. You can find more information about the 2017 MFA D+T Thesis show on the Spectrum website. While my project Roots can be found Here

Masters Study on Memory and Photography

Part of the MFA Graduate studies is to submit a final paper that reviews our concept, research, and design questions, prototyping, insights, and reflections on our final form. You can check it out here or in the Parsons Thesis Archive.

Symposium – Making Memories Valuable

The symposium featured a range of stimulating presentations and panel discussions of critical art and design projects and topics. I discussed Roots and my research on the Cultural Transformations panel, moderated by Bernardo Schorr, a Senior Interaction Designer at Smart Design. For the Symposium, my presentation outlined the various qualitive and quantitive research I performed in the study of historical and modern memory techniques, in addition discussing the effects current memory techniques are affecting our behavior and lifestyles. Later I highlighted my application Beta included the features and functions of Roots influenced by the previous research into individuals and their unique painpoints with current memory and photography applications.

Moving Forward

So now that things are over, it’s time to breath, publish the various documentation photos and videos from all the events (I was lead documentation all of the events including photo, video, live stream, post process editing, and publishing), hit up all the movies I have missed, job hunting with the various design firms and collectives in NYC (I am ready for you!), and lastly continue work on making Roots awesome so we can make technology work like how we think like us not the other way around.


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