Thesis – Looking ahead and focusing down

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Now with a semi-focused plan ahead, in terms of a clear objective and area to look at there are still some questions that need to be answered (by tonight). The largest I can think of beyond the WHY? is the conceptual and aesthetics point of view.

Conceptual Project Theme

In terms of conceptual Thinking, it ties quite closely to my scope where in that there is just TOO MANY MEMORIES out there and right now the way we are trying to archive it all is just wrong. We save the wrong things and have no emotional or mental ties to them. Think about the 5, 3, even 2 pictures you took and posted online. Do you remember where you took them, how you were feeling then, why did you take it? Previous generations were able to curate memories very well in the of scrapbooks and selected pictures, but couldn’t highlight or display that information in a unique or attractive form to engage younger years to learn and discover their past history. Today is the opposite in that we highlight so much online we lose any emotional resonance to all memories meaning no future generations can see the value cause we hide in a wave of trash creating emotional distance. Some balance of the two methods needs to be created.


Aesthetics Consideration

Based on previous notes from the teacher I do have a fascination as it were in a slick white, back and pop out red look, but I don’t really know beyond that. this will require a bit of research and thought. I have danced around the metaphor of tree’s and leafs for a bit now because of all the connections and growths. At the same time though this could easily pigeonhole my project, so avoiding that is a primary task.




Technically Lost

Easily my largest question and task on my plate are how do I do “this”. Where I suppose this case is being able to curate one’s memories focusing on emotional ties, and triggers. In terms of generating some kind of emotional resonance archive. In this strong ties are brought forward and to light while others are allowed to fade away. An Area I am curious is a recent study at MIT where they are using a form of Machine learning to target emotional states this could be effective in “borrowing” to fill in gaps if I want to use a Facebook or Instagram API to fill in the gaps of data since there is SO MUCH OUT THERE already. But really being able to understand it and filter in this form will easily be most difficult.


Lastly, looking at the “what will it look like question?” I feel that this should be some sort of installation over a product. Like the idea of a mind palace being encapsulated by your memories and taking them outside of a digital screen and into the real world again will help give them weight and connection when they are not clouded and hidden in mounds of information.

Some kinda Memory Museum


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