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The Starting Line – February 28rd

So this week things haven’t been exactly going my direction (my birthday weekend). For our Major Studio II we had another chance of doing a create your project however the time frame is slightly less then desired – about a week and a half to be precise. Now I’ve done some quick turn arounds, but this one will be a challenge. A wonderful time of challenge and curiosity lies ahead of us for sure.

Originally I though it would be nice to go back to my coding abilities and test them out and build something “useful” as I always like to do, you know an outcome that people could get behind and say, “hey you know I could really use that in ___ situation). With that In mind one I buy, along with my family and friends purchase quite a lot of things online however the payment method is usually quite uncertain. This meaning (ref 1.0) that the process breaks down into a list of forms which people even now a days find it difficult if they are putting in the right information in the correct spots and is only confirmed at the very end. I think that this process can be easily redesigned…and apparently so did quite a few other people. Where by looking through a combination of Pinterest and dribble found some great solutions (ref. 2.0/3.0) but none were code able or really function in a proper web setting/format. So initially for this challenge I wanted to make a coded version that is well designed and can be quickly implemented in current site structure.

The Downfall – March 3rd

So when I brought this idea up to the teacher and showed here the prototype that I’ve been working on me coming in all excited it didn’t turn out exactly as I had suspected. While …it did not have the meaning or story as one would say behind it. Hearing that I won’t lie was both a shocking disappointment, yet at the same time an understandable outcome. Now not to be all Debbie Downer yes she did see the value from it and it was a fair project; it just didn’t seem to have the “creative juices behind it.” From this state (now think that my project time has been cut from a 9 days – 4 days) Katherine told me to spend the afternoon and think of a couple new (doable ideas).


The Climb – March 6th (Birthday Time)



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