ROLE – Designer  |  CATEGORY – Physical Computing + Arduino Code  |  TIME – 2 Week

Project Review

Welcome Back to lesson lab of Parsons Physical Computing Class. So over the last two weeks we developed our abilities and knowledge surrounding Serial information and using it with other systems (web, processing, raspberry pi). While not my only class involving this serial communication testing projects for more testing with it. As you can guess like all these previous projects it was a douse.

As coding continued to progress, I.E figuring out the actual using of this data. Luckily sending the information was fairly simple with the thanks of the T.A Sam as well as the almighty and helpful online communities of insturctables and stack-overflow. With their help I discovered the largest issue being my initial complexity multi step processes. RULE one kids – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Much of my starting code (fig. 02) was detailed and micro controlling, yet was at times non sensical and unimportant, time to cut. The other big problem was a bit less grand and a bit more detailed. The problem being using the data, apparently when you transfer ardunio to processing serial data its a string so it requires a lot of extra work to engineer it back to a number, let along incorporate it back into the system (actually not so hard). Looking into the coming weeks at Parsons I plan to do these mini projects, more so around the idea of building this pretty simple machine, breaking down how they work then putting them back in my own form I find some interesting questions come about it. Firstly the amount of time and money needed to develop these systems must of been immense

Looking Forward some aspects that would be nice to look it would maybe adding a clear button to the interface, should be simple enough. Also either partnering with another person or alone explore the product design aspect of this to avoid the pitching use case when using the system. Lastly integration in a website on some level would be interesting. Having visitors of a site not just look at it but can maybe modify the site on some way.

Project Code – Github Link


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