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Roots: Photography, Memory & The Moment Symposium

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*Please use headphone for optimum listening experience*

In this talk, David Utt, designer, developer and graduate of Parsons MFA Design and Technology Program, present an application and questions the belief that modern technology now allows us to record more of our life through photos and social media posts, our ability to remember the details of daily or special life events has not equally benefited from these advances creating a depreciation of having multiple references to the same event. Roots is a mobile photography application designed to support a mindful photography practice and to augment natural, qualitative memory creation processes. Roots also draws attention to the differences between photos taken and kept for the purpose of reminiscing, and those that have only temporary value. By seeing these differences in our day to day life we can save time looking through pictures we care about, get more quality from every picture saved and build stronger memory through encouraging reflection.

SPECTRUM – Parsons The New School MFA DT Thesis Show produces this event for digital technologist and the global community of creatives in New York, NY

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