While working as a Design Intern at Insomniac Studios in D.C.  An amazing opportunity to work with both large government organizations and small businesses.  One of the early tasks I was given was the rebranding (logo & Website) of a family style real-estate group based out of High County West Virginia. In it, the goal was to provide an easy to use to a system that would still be assessable to an older audience providing the backwoods home quality.

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ROLE – Web Designer  |  CATEGORY – Web Design + Visual Design  |  TIME – 3 Weeks

Problem & Solution

Working with a smaller family style real-estate company in High Country, West Virginia, especially working as the lead  designer on the project there were many difficulties to overcome. The first being a much older audience than used to.

To keep this welcoming approach while presenting a  premiere online destination for top-of-the-line Home and Get-a-Way Research. We discussed many visual cues and themes like homey, warm, and direct as primary inspirations for this project.

Sketches and Early Development

In the early stages of the project, we made sure to keep a simple and basic foundation because of the older and not so technology familiar audience. With that in mind, I completed a few rounds of sketches using other real-estate groups and property listings for content reference. Later applying some newer layout forms to fill in the gaps.

Visual Design

For the Visual approach, I looked for a rustic, authentic feeling of the group that matches the warm personality that the two gave off. The best way I felt I could bring this about was with warmer colors, a heavier usage of textures to bring about that wooden cabin feel, and images to bring in the West Virginia wildlife and scenery, the real reason your here.

Company Branding

Development of the company brand was a process done throughout the project. We started based on references that the client came to us with (rustic, authentic, Virginia). Over time we expanded on this idea incorporating the aspect of the picker lifestyle, early 20th-century advertising, and slab serif typography to generate the correct feel of the group.

Custom UI Elements

An important aspect that we wanted to keep with this project is the home-like, warm atmosphere that can felt when talking to the company owners and throughout the West Virginia mountain area. Speaking to this I made sure that various UI elements from the buttons, search elements, and featured facts all shared this emotional connection. References included tail signage, lodge details, and custom knitting pieces.

Final Designs

After a lot of validations, iterations and discussions I got to the point where out  the necessary user experience that meets the user needs and can, be developed web platform if needed, I found that overall it’s functionalities and environment to help users plan and achieve their goals.

Well now, that was pretty cool

This case study is over, but I’ve prepared a few more so let’s keep going.

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