Me, Myself and Why – Moving Forward and Looking Behind

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Starting for Now

Sit down by the fireplace, grab a cup of tea, and put on the comfy shoes; let’s chat. I’m David Utt, a native of Bethesda Maryland living in New York City as a Martial Artist, Dungeons and Dragons, Thinker. Let us not forget that I am a User Experience Designer as well.

The Future Follows the Past

As silly and cliché as it may sound, the reason I make experimental shareable pieces is because I’m a bit of a victim of not having them. Early in my life, I wasn’t the most popular kid growing up falling quickly down the rabbit hole of technology and the now iconic trope of being a loner. I do not regret that choice, it shaped me into the person I am now. I accept it, moving forward from there, yet looking back I can see how it drove me away from experiences with friends and school mates.


Looking around, at my brother’s apartment or the workplace, I get a similar feeling of isolation. I glance around, everyone in the room is on their computer or phone while I want to chat and make friends as best I can. In the position as a User Experience Designer, I want to allow technology to do better. Technology should help fix the mistakes I make in the past: for others. I don’t believe that technology was meant to create isolative experiences they should be shared. It should encourage collaboration, building new experiences expanding on what is already there. I desire to build places and projects which take people out of the solo screen experience moving to collaborative environments in the world we already live in.


The Language of Communication

The other reason why I declare myself a User Experience Design is a field doesn’t ground me to a particular technology or coding language. It is a style of thought making sure a project, whatever it is has value to whoever is going to use it, not necessarily everyone. I am not saying that the piece will be pretty, or will change the world. if you are going experience my project you will find it impressive with a desire to try it out because it feels that good using it. That result in itself demonstrates some of the value in my work. Being the guy behind the scenes making sketches, wireframes,  presentations and workflows.  This work allows me to get the clearest understanding of each project’s goals and purpose  from both the user’s and client’s perspectives. This system helps to target the goal of the project and how it can most directly be achieved.


Where it all Leads

This way of thinking is important now and will only grow in the next 5-10 years as the landscape of technology shifts. Virtual reality, augmented reality, connected networks, and smaller micro interactions, only hint at how the methods we are going to interact with technology is both growing and shifting. This with the industry saturation, whereby easier to use tools, implies being able to make something pretty isn’t enough. Making sure what you are creating, being sure that your narrative can reach your audience is of greater importance than ever is the role I attempt to fill.



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