What am I trying to solve with this thesis study/project? I believe that this key reason had been lost on me with the last prototype(s) of mine. I need to re-think what I am making…truly. Over the last few prototypes of my projects, I have focused very intently on the Interface and Output, where at the same time, I have lost what I am trying to solve for and fix in the first place. I am writing this as a reminder what I came here to do in the first place.

To recall – My concept is this; We are publishing so much content online via social media with the demand to remember everything. This has caused there to be to much content out there (both the individual and collective) which no one care about even the own who published the content (photo,video,comment) in the first place. Based on this belief the sub-context to this problem is where before long ago history and memory was societal based, from paintings by cavemen, hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, written books or medieval Europe, up to the 19th century around the world large amounts of memory including the time to craft and preserve it was tasked to focus on the story of the society. At the same time, due to the focus on the societies history cause the limited technology only allowed so much preservation of memory very little effort and intern amount of memory of the individual people was saved. An example of this can be seen whenever we look back to these times we do not refer to farmer Wally in 13th century Ireland, but to the kings and lands, and major events of the people, what the society at the time deemed important.

Today this type of memory recording is not the same case. Due to two reasons the first being the prolific nature of creating new content with the wide usage of online commenting, photos, videos, live streams, and blog posting. As well as the ability to save and preserve and publish these memories them online to various sources around the world like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. This has created an over-saturation of content and personal memory especially where limiting factors such as quality assurance, fact-checking, and really any form of “critical thought” behind it is well now a “second thought”. In ten years time, this rate will only expand and the media online will exponentially grow instead of decrease because of digital permanence. Two main problems will be found from this First, when we attempt to share our history, any form of strong memory-trigger artifacts or posts will be hidden beneath waves of unimportant content (1 post a day in 10 years will become 3,650 unique pieces of content). Secondly through online will need to spend more and more time going through it, which few will choose too, as there is no form of curation or summarization of this information. Even if this summary were to exist, would that person be who we want to share, would it be me?

My Thesis is a 2 part commentary on the subject to understand the consequences of how your future self will be seen. By looking forward to the future asking how that younger generation will see us. Through a generative AI Time capsule, I will take all the content a single user places online, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and create a Website reflection of them; the colors of their life, the descriptions of how the system defines them. Not an ambiguous art piece, or a selection of numbers, but a defined mirror.

If what we choose to show others is truly the best reflection of ourselves then encapsulating all of our online sharing into  a single form should be the purest example of the self to share. If this reflection is not the case say a (coffee cup) lol. Then clearly a problem exists. From here I want to make a simple pocketbook/app, a checklist that you can hold and see before you push that picture of that really nice coffee online. A simple question to keep in your mind to make that second thought a bit more critical to make you honest in asking what are you really sharing this for?


Looking forward from how they will look back at us (crit, tool)


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