Seven-for-Seven 03: Syrian Migration to Sanctuary

By | Design Project, Seven for Seven BUDAPEST — The collision of exasperated migrants with overwhelmed authorities created chaotic scenes Tuesday at choke points up and down the route being traveled by tens of thousands of people seeking refuge in Western Europe.  
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Seven-for-Seven 01: US OPEN 2015

By | Design Project, Seven for Seven
Hey guys, For the Seven for Seven I wanted to start with the goal of slowly improving my illustrations skill and ability to break down larger topics into cohesive bit-sized formats. More so when you think about it isn't that what illustrations are? initially Thinking about the topic I came with the a small bit of hesitation as I will admit I'm not the best when it comes to drawing, let alone illustrations. I find my home to fall more into the grey boxes and research category so being "creative" doesn't come as natural to me as it would others. Gathering...
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