NYC – Zero Waste Project

By | Design Project, Project Review
Overview We are designing a new composting system and user flow for the Union Square Location in New York City. This new process aims to simplify the composting for people who currently participate in composting as well as developing a set of incentives to promote continued efforts as well as getting new participants. Presentation Link ROLE - Designer  |  CATEGORY - 3D Modeling + Sketch |  TIME - 3 Week Problem & Solution Living in New York City this past year has given a unique insight into the various problems and difficulties that come about in living in this metropolis vs. the small shady suburbs of Bethesda or the open...
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Project 3 – A Line of Life

By | Design Project, Journal

A commentary on surveillance, and data collection given both willingly or otherwise. Within the last few years we have been obsessed with data’s capabilities. Data mining, unlawful surveillance like Prism and even the concept of the quantified self: an exploitation and brute force style attempt…

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